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In New York, over 30% of our emissions come from the transportation sector. We are working to support new methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from public to private transportation methods. By finding new transportation alternatives, we will help in reaching the reduction of 80% by 2050.

In regards to public transportation, we are in support of increasing multimodal transportation like bus rapid transit, rails-to-trails conversions of abandoned rail lines, ferries, connected regional bike lanes and trails, and community multi-use trails that promote bicycling, walking, and safety. We also hope to continue to promote deployment of zero emission vehicles (ZEV) by significantly expanding ZEV infrastructure that benefits the grid and all electricity customers.

In order to continue to push low-carbon modes of transportation at the federal level, we are fighting to ensure proper funds are allocated to the Highway Trust fund, which funds the development of highways and mass transit systems, and to The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, which funds a variety of transportation projects across the country. In addition, we are pushing for state funding for repairs and upgrades to critical freight rail lines throughout the region and state to limit truck traffic on local roads and highways.

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Jointly with NYLCV, the NYLCV Education Fund issues policy agendas that lay out specific legislative and budgetary remedies tailored to different levels of government and regions of the state.

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