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Climate Change

Here in New York, we are fighting climate change by holding both the state and localities accountable for implementing the necessary actions required to meet their ambitious goals. The most significant are the stated goals of New York State and many county and municipal governments to reduce emissions 80% by 2050.

We are continuing our efforts to advance policies, administration, and funding to fight climate change. We are working to ensure that the Clean Energy Standard meets its goal of generating 50% of the state’s energy needs from renewable source by 2030. We are also working at state and local levels to secure funding, gain support from officials, and change local laws and policies to provide for the installation of more charging stations for electric cars. Another main push is our proposal of changes to be made to local laws and rules that will modernize codes and procedures for the allowance of residential solar installation.

The NYLCV Education Fund has taken a particularly close look at these issues in New York City through its four-part “Getting NYC to 80×50” forum series held in June and July of 2017. NYLCVEF is working to tie together the issues and ideas raised in the forums into a package of recommendations to be released this fall. 

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Getting NYC to 80×50 Policy Forum Series

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We are in a continual push for investments to our aging water infrastructure, with an emphasis on management, incorporating a great deal of green infrastructure, support programs and incentives for clean water – both for daily living and recreational uses. With water contamination and scarcity issues on the rise, we are actively advocating for the protection of our waterways and their cleanliness.

New York’s spectacular open spaces not only provide awe-inspiring views and recreational opportunities, they help keep our children and families healthy. Our parks, rivers, lakes and oceans should be protected so future generations can enjoy them.

Every single community must have clean air to breathe, well-maintained parks for recreation, access to fresh foods from local farms, and protection from toxic chemicals. We are fighting to make this a reality.

In New York, over 30% of our emissions come from the transportation sector. We are working to support new methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from public to private transportation methods.

Our greatest connection to our environment is in the food we eat and we have a responsibility to better understand what we consume, how it was grown, and where it came from.

Jointly with NYLCV, the NYLCV Education Fund issues policy agendas that lay out specific legislative and budgetary remedies tailored to different levels of government and regions of the state.

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