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Photo: Andrew Machlowski
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NYLCV 2024 New York City Cocktail Party

  The New York League of Conservation Voters is thrilled to invite you to our 2024 New York City Cocktail Party! Join us on Tuesday, October 1st, 6pm-8pm at Pearl Alley in Lower Manhattan for an evening of drinks, light refreshments, and great conversation overlooking the East River.   Each year over two-hundred elected officials…



We educate New Yorkers about environmental issues and the environmental decision-making processes at the local, regional, state, and federal government levels.

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We engage all sectors – elected officials, policymakers, businesses, community groups and grassroots citizens – in open, non-partisan discussion about sustainability policies in order to achieve the environmental breakthroughs that New York needs.

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We empower New Yorkers to make environmental change by engaging them in the civic process. That includes registering voters, helping residents make their voices heard on environmental issues, and connecting New Yorkers with candidates, elected officials and policy makers.

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With climate change and the greening of businesses making headlines every day, more corporations are partnering with environmental groups to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and to connect with conservation-minded consumers and decision-makers.

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New York State faces a wide range of sustainability challenges that differ from region to region. Jointly with NYLCV, the NYLCV Education Fund issues policy agendas that lay out specific legislative and budgetary remedies tailored to different levels of government or regions of the state. They serve as practical blueprints to help guide elected officials, policymakers, political candidates, voters and the general public toward a more sustainable future.

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It is essential that we learn to cut back and eliminate unnecessary plastic use. This week, our Green Tips will help you begin your plastic-free journey.

As the primary election season kicks into gear, the New York League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (NYLCVEF) continues their mission of educating voters through environmental candidate forums, conducting two in recent weeks, one in southern Westchester County for New York’s 16th Congressional District, and one in Albany for New York’s 109th Assembly District.  

Buying locally produced food and dining at farm-to-table restaurants is one way we can all work together to fight climate change. You can start out by visiting one of the many urban farms in New York City or elsewhere in the state, and then you can dine at one of the many farm-to-table restaurants.

Approval of multiple new projects, new multi-state leases and agreements, and the nation’s first commercial scale offshore wind project coming online with the completion of South Fork wind, mark the success of President Biden’s Clean Energy Agenda. 

By Peter Aronson We are thrilled to announce that the New York League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (NYLCVEF) will be out on the streets helping New Yorkers celebrate Earth Month in April and Earth Day on April 22. “Every day is essentially Earth Day at the League, but there is no doubt that April…

We welcomed Jessica Wang from World Resources Institute and Ian Fried from CalStart to explore the future of clean school transportation and to discuss the benefits of electric school buses, from reducing emissions to fostering a sustainable learning environment.

As part of our ongoing series of webinars and in-person events on the IRA, NYLCVEF President Julie Tighe and federal campaigns manager Matt Salton recently joined with New York State Senator Michelle Hinchey for an informational webinar to share details about the IRA and how households and our communities can benefit.

By Peter Aronson While a school bus’s roaring ignition and noxious gasoline smell may bring a wisp of nostalgia to some of us, it comes at a steep cost in the form of emergency room visits, school absenteeism, and an overheating planet. The state’s fiscal year 2023 budget, passed in April 2022, established New York…

As New York transitions to electrifying its transportation and buildings sectors, we must consider grid readiness and infrastructure resiliency. This event featured a panel of cross-sector experts who discussed our transmission infrastructure needs. They addressed what they’re currently doing to achieve New York City’s clean energy goals, and more.

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