This year, voting began in February and April with a series of special elections.

Voting will continue in 2024 with a primary election in June for State Senate, State Assembly, U.S. House, and U.S. Senate. Early voting for the primary will run from Sat, June 15 – Sun, June 23. Election day is June 25.

Deadlines You Should Know:

  •  Saturday, June 15: Early mail/absentee ballot and voter registration form request deadline. Early voting also begins. 
  • Monday, June 24: Early mail/absentee ballot request deadline in person, also last day of early voting.
  • Tuesday, June 25: Primary Election Day and deadline to return mail/absentee ballot

Why vote early? By choosing to vote early, you will give yourself more options to exercise your vote on a day and time that is convenient for you. You will also benefit from avoiding long lines and ensuring that no last-minute issues prevent you from registering your vote. 

In New York, voting early is just like voting on Election Day. Early voters scan their completed ballot just after privately marking it. Early voting results are counted, tabulated, and included in the election night (unofficial) totals.  


In New York State, voters may visit ANY of the Early Voting Centers in the county where they reside, except in New York City, where voters are assigned by address to ONE early voting site.


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