Winter Activities In and Around New York City

| March 2, 2023

By Varsha Rammohan

As we head into the final weeks of winter, New York City weather continues to alternate between cool February drafts and warmer, above-average temperatures. Instead of spending the next few weeks holed up inside, spend a day or two outside with all these activities that the city has to offer.

  1. Take a walk in the park:
    New York City has more than 1700 parks and outdoor recreational facilities across all five boroughs that have walking trails, playgrounds, athletic grounds, and more. Some recommendations are Alley Pond Park in Queens—which has a zip lining and ropes course—Eas River State Park, The Cloisters, and Governors Island.

  2. Lace up the skates:
    With New York City’s first dedicated rink opening in Central Park in 1858, there is a long and mixed history of ice skating in the Big Apple. These days, dozens dot the city, and whether you choose to skate at an indoor rink or one of our city parks or even 1,200 feet above Manhattan, there is no doubt that lacing up the blades is terrific fun and wonderful exercise. Time is running out to hit many of the city’s outdoor rinks, so be sure to check the schedules before you head out. (Note: Some ice rinks, like that at the LaFrak Center in Prospect Park, become roller skating rinks when the weather turns. Roller disco anyone?)

  3. Check out an outdoor market:
    A lot of markets in New York are year-round, open even during winter months. Grand Bazaar is the largest outdoor market in the City and has a diverse collection of clothing, antiques, and trinkets. Ludlow Flea and Bushwick Market are also open year-round and feature secondhand and vintage goods. As we always say, reduce, reuse, and recycle.

  4. Go on a bike ride on Long Island:
    Long Island enjoys a number of off-road and paved paths that are perfect for biking, walking, and running–all great activities for those unseasonably warm days. And we may have more fun in the future if the Long Island Greenway proposal to create a 175-mile pathway from Manhattan all the way to Montauk linking 26 parks is built.

  5. Take a hike:
    New York City is surrounded by a vast number of natural preserves and hiking trails. Bear Mountain State Park has countless trails. Nyack Beach State Park is a popular site for kayakers and bikers during the winter and is just an hour bus ride from Manhattan.

  6. Venture out to the Adirondacks for a winter getaway:
    The Adirondack Mountains are the perfect place to spend the last couple weeks of winter with a number of activities like cross-country skiing, hiking, and snowboarding. This region’s land preservations would not be possible without the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF), which has helped fund large land purchases which is why NYLCV is currently lobbying the legislature and governor to expand the EPF’s annual funding for the next fiscal year.
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