How to Stay Cool – Sustainably

| August 5, 2022

New York is experiencing one of its hottest summers on record. Even though we’re a month away from the Fall season, temperatures have continuously reached almost 100° in some parts of the State. We can attribute the recent scorching summers to climate change and the damage human impact has had on the environment. While an extremely hot day is not only unpleasant, it can be dangerous to human health. It is important to stay cool and take care of yourself and your loved ones on extremely hot days.  


There a number of things you can do to stay cool during the last few weeks of summer, while keeping your eco-footprint in mind. Below are some suggestions on how to stay cool while minimizing your impact on the environment:


  1. As the temperature falls overnight, try keeping cool by opening windows instead of using your AC unit. ACs are crucial during summer especially if you’re in a warmer part of the state like New York City. However, mass use of ACs can significantly strain the electrical grid and cause power outages which can be very dangerous in hot climates especially for vulnerable communities. 
  2. You can also opt for using a fan instead of turning on your AC. To enhance the cooling power of the fan, you can place a wet towel or bucket of water in front of the fan. 
  3. Unplug your appliances when they’re not in use. Make sure to unplug everything you’re not using during the day or while you sleep to lower your energy usage. Not only will this help with grid capacity, but will also lower your electric bill- a win-win! 
  4. Take advantage of green spaces in or around your neighborhood. Green spaces often provide shade and are able to absorb heat, leading to cooler temperatures than areas without green space. Check out this article about how green spaces can help with cooling temperatures. 
  5. Another thing you can do is place your houseplants in front of windows that get a lot of sun to absorb some of the solar energy. *Disclaimer, before you put your plants in front of your windows to absorb sunlight, make sure their species are able to do so without harming the plant itself. 

As we continue to experience scorching summers, it is crucial that we make changes in our everyday lives to lessen our impact on the environment. Doing so can stabalize summer temperatures and reduce the risk of heat waves and extreme storms. 


We hope you found this week’s green tips useful.  Stay cool! 


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