Green Tips: Wedding Season

Green Tips | May 17, 2018

It’s spring, and that means it’s wedding season. Show the planet some love by checking out our cheap and easy tips for having a sustainable wedding. 

  1. Get married outside: Reduce your energy usage by getting your guests outside and soaking in some fresh air. Of course, plan ahead: My Wedding has some great tips for planning an outdoor wedding.
  2. Cut down on stationery: Why not go paperless for your save-the-dates, invitations, and thank you cards? Can’t part with the paper? Opt for stationery from companies that use recycled paper (or even “plantable” paper!). 
  3. Source locally: Try to serve local foods and drinks at your wedding. It’s a great way to showcase the bounty of your home and support your local farms and businesses. Also, sourcing locally cuts down on the energy it takes to bring things in from far away.
  4. Consider re-purposed gemstones for your rings. Diamonds, and the people who mine them go through a lot to get those gems out of the ground and onto your finger. Save the energy (and the money) by repurposing a piece of jewelry from your family or from a retailer that sources fair-labor gems and uses sustainable practices. Check out Brilliant Earth for more info.
  5. Ditch the favors: Thank your guests by donating a specified amount per guest toward your favorite environmental organization.
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