Green Tips: Thanksgiving Edition

Green Tips | November 15, 2018

Thanksgiving is a day for spending time with friends and family, celebrating the harvest, showing gratitude, and this year, being green! However you choose to celebrate, we hope that you’ll keep these easy tips in mind as your way to say thanks to Mother Nature for giving us a great, green planet.

  • Bring out the reusable napkins and dishware. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, it’s the perfect excuse to bust out those cloth napkins and fancy plates you’ve been dying to show-off. Or ask family members if they can bring supplies rather than purchasing all new. Avoid disposable items that create excessive waste.
  • Travel together. If you’re headed out of town or even across town, carpool with your crew to cut down on traffic congestion and carbon emissions. You’ll get to spend even more time together this way!
  • Make less food. Most people prepare way too much food for these major holidays and end up throwing a lot of it away. Avoid wasting food this year by planning ahead and making less. Try preparing items that can be frozen if they aren’t consumed.
  • Cut down on the meat. It’s no surprise that the meat industry contributes its fair share to climate change. Try incorporating some vegetarian dishes into this year’s meal. The planet and your waistline will thank you. Here are some of our favorite meatless Thanksgiving recipes.
  • Serve local food and beverages. Support your local producers by procuring food and wine from places close to home. This supports your local economy and cuts down on the energy used to get these items to your table.
  • Conserve energy. Cut down on energy usage and save time by cooking things in the oven together rather than keeping the oven on all day. Remember to unplug appliances when you’re finished and turn lights off in rooms when you leave. Having the family all together is a good excuse to set good examples for younger generations.

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