Green Tips: Sustainable Wedding and Gift Registries

Green Tips | July 29, 2021

As wedding season continues, and we have more opportunities to celebrate in person, the scramble to find the perfect gift is back in season, too. Whether you’re creating the registry or looking to give, there are plenty of ways to keep the environment in mind and choose planet-friendly presents that will make everyone happy! There’s no need to sacrifice quality for sustainability. We compiled a list of some gift ideas for your registry that are sure to impress while keeping the environmental impact low. 


  • Reusable paper towels are a sustainable and economic substitute for paper towels that can be used for almost everything. With different colors and sizes, linens are versatile and will work in any kitchen! Plus, they’ll save your gift recipients money in the long run.
  • Opt for a cutting board made of sustainably harvested or local wood that’s designed to last and is gentle on knife blades. Forgo plastic cutting boards for one that can withstand daily use and help the planet in the process. 
  • Stylish containers for the countertop will allow the couple you’re gifting to buy in bulk and ultimately reduce packaging waste! Containers can be used for rice, pasta, beans, or really anything else and are super functional!


  • Bamboo linens boast a softness never felt before with moisture-wicking properties as well as eco-friendly materials that help the environment and are super comfortable.
  • You can also register for a bathrobe made from ethically sourced 100% organic bamboo. Look for one manufactured by globally recognized ethical auditors. 
  • Look for a luxurious and sustainable pillow, like one filled with organic certified latex. Machine-washable and adjustable, a pillow like this is sure to be enjoyed by everyone. 


  • Add a certified fair trade and sustainable bath mat to your registry! 
  • Installing a bidet is an excellent way to reduce water use every day and save money. Without requiring plumbing work, there are easy-to-install, add-on bidets that typically use just 1 pint of water to properly wash. Reducing toilet paper use will help our forests.


  • A seedling starter kit is a perfect gift for the couple that’s looking to start a garden. 

These are just a few ideas for an ethical and sustainable registry. Add some (or all) of these items to your list or give them as a gift! Commit to making environment-friendly choices that will make everyone want to say “I do”!


By: Kerry Ellis

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