Green Tips: Sustainable Spring Cleaning

Green Tips | March 10, 2022

As Spring approaches, spring cleaning is on everyone’s minds. Unfortunately, many conventional cleaning products contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment and to humans. Most cleaning products come in plastic and non-renewable containers, only creating unnecessary waste. They can also be extremely expensive. 


Here are some tips to keep your 2022 spring cleaning healthy for the environment, your family, and your wallet. 


  1. Make your own cleaning products.
    • Making your own products is a great way to save money and create less harmful cleaning products. Some common DIY products are laundry detergent, all purpose cleaner, and stain remover. Most of the ingredients in these homemade products are common items that you already have in your home. Make sure when making your own products you use reusable containers like mason jars, etc. You can find a plethora of mason jars or other glass containers at your local second hand store. Checkout this article for more DIY cleaning product inspiration.


  1. Buy eco-friendly products from eco-friendly companies. 
    • Purchasing from eco-friendly companies is another great way to support these businesses and get reliable products. Some examples of eco-friendly cleaning companies are Seventh Generation, Grove Collaborative, and Blueland. Checkout this article for more inspiration on which companies to buy from. Bonus points if the companies are a part of initiatives that raise money for the environment like 1% for the Planet


  1. Recycle when you can.
    • If you need to buy products that come in plastic containers, make sure the container is recyclable. It is also important to check with your local recycling program to figure out how the containers should be cleaned before recycling. This is especially important when dealing with chemicals like the ones in cleaning products. 


  1. Start composting! 
    • Spring cleaning is the perfect time of year to reset your everyday routines. Introducing composting into your routine will not only reduce your food waste, but if done correctly, it will also eliminate gross odors from rotting food in your trash can. Check out this article to learn how to get started! 


We hope you’ll follow some of these tips and have a clean, healthy, and happy Spring! 

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