Green Tips: Summer Adventure Guide

Green Tips | July 2, 2019

Summer is the perfect time to get out and explore all of the incredible natural experiences New York has to offer. This summer, mix it up and check out some of our favorite hidden gems throughout the Empire  State for new adventures that will get you connected to nature:

Storm King Art Center: Nestled on the west side of the Hudson River, this unique open-air museum is the perfect stop for art and nature lovers. Founded in 1960 by Ralph Ogden, the Storm King Art Center features dozens of large-scale European sculptures across the 500-acre property. The sculptures are specifically curated to complement the nature around them, creating a unique fusion between art and nature that offers walkable trails for all levels and experience.

Grimes Glen: Located in Naples, NY, this relaxing creek walk boasts sublime viewing of three tall waterfalls in a serene and dense forest. Grimes Glen is the perfect afternoon walk for beginner hikers and families, but also offers a steep climb to the third waterfall for more experienced hikers and thrill seekers. This hike is a quieter alternative for when other waterfalls like Kaaterskill Falls get too crowded during the summer months and is a great way to cool down in the heat.

Pollepel Island: Despite its small geographic size, this island on the Hudson River is one of the most historically rich and eccentric hidden gems in lower New York. Originally discovered by Dutch settlers and later used as a line of defense by the Americans during the Revolutionary War, Pollepel Island was eventually bought in the early 1900’s by a reclusive millionaire who built the now-famous Bannerman’s Castle as a military storehouse. Though the castle was partially destroyed by exploded shells, you can take a walk through its ruins that have been reclaimed by native flora and fauna, or even kayak around the island. For the history buffs!

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge: Right outside of Brooklyn, the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge covers thousands of acres of marsh land and ponds and is host to hundreds of species of birds that migrate in and out throughout the year. There are around 70 different species that regularly nest in the refuge in addition to dozens of perennial visitors. Jamaica Bay offers city dwellers a rare opportunity to go for a scenic bird-watching hike and observe species that are otherwise absent from the greater New York City area and is the perfect weekend outing for nature and bird lovers.

Ausable Chasm: Aptly nicknamed “The Little Grand Canyon of the East,” this sandstone gorge on the outskirts of the Adirondacks boasts breathtaking views of deep gorges, unspoiled forests, and cliffside trails. You can follow the hiking trail yourself, sign up for a mountain bike tour, or even raft through the river. The Ausable Chasm has options for all levels of adventurers and is a unique destination for weekend road trip or a stop on a longer trip to the Adirondacks.

As always, when you embark on your summer adventures, be sure to be as eco-friendly as possible by carpooling or taking public transportation, leaving no trace, and being considerate and respectful of surrounding nature and wildlife. Check out some of our tips on being environmentally conscious during the summer months here.

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