Green Tips: Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving

| November 15, 2022

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Check out our tips below to find out how to make this holiday season more eco-friendly.

Travel smart 

  • Not surprising, Thanksgiving travel has a larger carbon footprint than the dinner itself. If you have to travel for Thanksgiving, try to avoid using your gas-powered car for long trips: try carpooling with family or friends or renting an electric vehicle (EV). There are an increasing number of EV charging stations throughout the country. 
  • Using public transportation is a great eco-option. Look into traveling by bus or train if you’re destination is close enough. 

“Green” your plate

  • The carbon dioxide emissions from raising, transporting and cooking a 16-pound turkey equals the combined emissions from nearly all dinner sides, as well as the apple pie! In general, meat and animal products have a larger carbon footprint than plants, so consider introducing more plant-based options this holiday. 
  • Avoid food waste by saving leftovers and putting on your plate only what you will eat. Americans throw away an astonishing 200 million pounds of turkey every year! Make sure you have enough containers to hand out to family and friends so everyone can take home leftovers. These eco-friendly Tupperware containers are a great option!
  • Buy a locally-raised turkey! This is beneficial for a number of reasons: for one, transportation emissions are lower for local turkeys. Additionally, visiting a local farm to buy your turkey supports the local economy, and you can inquire about the use of sustainable or organic farming practices. 
  • Shop at a local food market for all other Thanksgiving food necessities. Locally-grown fruits and vegetables are fresher and more nutrient-dense than the supermarket alternatives and will be a delicious addition to your holiday. 

Talk about the environment

  • Consider using mealtime to discuss environmental issues that are important to you. Wonderful veggie recipes, hydro-power innovation, and new types of EV models are always great conversation starters! 
  • Make sure you come prepared with statistics or tips when informing family members of sustainable practices or pressing environmental issues. For example, did you know that Queens has a new curbside composting program?     
  • Don’t forget to give thanks to the planet that sustains us … even better when sharing gratitude with loved ones! 

Thanks for reading this week’s Green Tips. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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