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Green Tips: Changing Seasons

Green Tips | August 30, 2019

Fall is almost here and although there will soon be less green outside your window, you should still be thinking green for the coming season. Keep these tips in mind for living sustainably this fall.

Yard Work 

As you care for your yard this season, make sure to do it sustainably: 

  • Ditch the gas and use electric or hand-powered yard equipment. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, gas-powered lawn mowers create as much air pollution over one hour as driving a car 350 miles. Use gardening shears this season to trim your plants and bushes; use a rake instead of a leaf blower; and consider investing in an electric lawn mower, which waste less energy and are quieter to use.
  • Make sure to dispose of your fallen leaves, branches, and other yard scraps correctly. Many cities, including New York City, provide yard waste collection along with recycling and trash pick-up. To find out how to sort your yard waste for collection, contact your local recycling coordinators.
  • If possible, compost your yard waste. Grass clippings and leaves contribute significantly to our landfills. Instead of bagging your garden waste, use it to create compost to enrich your soil. Read more in our guide to composting here.


With the weather getting cooler, we all want to turn up the heat and hibernate indoors. However, paying attention to how much energy you use is important. Residential heating in New York State accounts for over 35 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. This fall, help reduce your home’s carbon footprint by trying out these easy tips:

  • Consider buying a programmable thermostat, which can pay for itself in energy savings. These smart thermostats have energy-efficient settings that reduce how much heat you use. This both helps you be more energy efficiency and saves on your energy bills..
  • Use your curtains. While it’s still sunny during the day, make the most of the sun’s free heat by opening up your curtains and letting sunlight in. Draw your curtains at night for extra insulation. This can reduce heat loss by 17%, according to a study by the University of Salford. 

Eat Local

Every year, the autumn harvest brings a variety of fruit and vegetables including squash, apples, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and more. However, bringing this food from farms across the country to your plate has an impact on the environment. According to Carnegie Mellon University, 113 million tons of carbon dioxide are released each year due to food transportation in the U.S. 

  • This fall, go for locally-grown produce, which not only helps local economies but also reduces the environmental impact of long-distance food transportation.
  • With over 35,000 farms, New York is a leading agricultural state. From learning how to create a healthy and sustainable food system at Stone Barns to picking your own pumpkins at Pennings Orchard, there is much to discover about local eating.
  • Explore these well-known farms in the Hudson Valley or visit your local farmers market. Farmers markets provide fresh produce to give you a farm-to-table eating experience, reducing the emissions that come from conventional food. Find a market near you and stock up on organic veggies to have an eco-friendly and delicious autumn!
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