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Green Tips: Celebrate National Bike to Work Day

Green Tips | May 9, 2019

What better way to celebrate warmer weather than to go for a bike ride? There are so many reasons to hop on a bike and cruise around. Bike riding is good for your health and the environment. It can also help you save money by spending less on transit.

This month is National Bike Month, initially established in 1956 by the League of American Bicyclists and meant to celebrate the many benefits of bike riding. Friday, May 17th is National Bike to Work Day – dubbed the national day of “commuting without polluting!” Bike to Work Day is an opportunity to see the benefits of bike riding for yourself, try something new and get some more exercise. Before hitting the open road, check out some of our tips.

Do it with others. Enlist your partner, co-worker, roommate, friend, or family member to ride with you. Encouraging others to participate will not only give you company, but it will also benefit their health and the environment too!

Bike Share. Not ready to buy a bike? No problem. Join a bike share program. New York City has the Citi Bike program, Albany has CDPHP Cycle, and Buffalo has Reddy Bikeshare. There are others. Do a quick search to see if your town has a program. You can also borrow a bike from a friend or family member.

Join or plan a Bike Month event. The League of American Bicyclists has a great guide for Bike Month events here. Living in NYC? NYLCVEF’s partner organization, Transportation Alternatives, is coordinating events all over the city. Check them out here.

Plan ahead. Do your research ahead of time to plan the best route. Scout out where there are bike lanes or where you can ride safely. If possible, avoid construction areas where there may be uneven pavement or loose stones. NYC residents can use this map of bike lanes and paths to plan their journey.

Stay hydrated. You may be thirstier than usual during your workday. Make sure to give your reusable water bottle an extra fill on Bike to Work Day.

Safety is key. Wear a helmet. Check your bike over, including tire pressure, before getting on the road. Obey traffic laws and learn bike hand signals!

Most of all, have fun!

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