Green Infrastructure At Home

Green Tips | May 21, 2020

Green infrastructure (GI) helps protect our waterways, reduces flooding, and beautifies our public spaces. Communities use green infrastructure to manage stormwater that flows from impervious surfaces like roads and roofs.  Runoff from these surfaces can collect pollutants that can end up in our rivers and streams. NYLCVEF’s Green Infrastructure at Home campaign asks homeowners to keep green spaces green and establish GI on their own property. Take our Keep it Green pledge today!

Examples of green infrastructure projects–both big and small–that you can do at home:

  • Harvest Rainwater

Collect rainwater in a large container (ex. rain barrel) to use later for all your non-potable needs!  Rain barrels range in size from as small as 60 gallons to as large as 10,000 gallons. 

  • Install a Downspout Planter

Divert the rain water flowing off of your roof into a large pot or planter box. These are a smaller, contained version of a rain garden, are customizable, and do not require a lot of space.   

  • Plant a Rain Garden

When planted in strategic locations, rain gardens can help absorb stormwater while adding beauty to your yard. Native perennials are good to plant in a rain garden because of their deep root system. 

  • Install Permeable Pavement

Also known as porous concrete or geogrids, this type of pavement allows rainwater to pass through it into the ground below. This project requires slightly more investment than the others and could be used in your driveway or patio.

Take the #KeepItGreen Pledge and be entered to win a FREE rain barrel! Entries accepted until 11:59PM Eastern on May 31st. 

NYLCVEF is committed to educating, engaging, and empowering New Yorkers to be effective advocates for the environment. The Green Infrastructure at Home campaign is generously supported by Posillico Inc. and the William Penn Foundation.


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