State Senate and Congressional Primary Voting in New York

Happy primary season, New York! Here we have a guide for how to vote in the upcoming primary elections on August 23rd.


The primary elections for the House of Representatives and New York State Senate are scheduled for August 23 this year. Primary elections are used to select a candidate for each political party, so you need to be registered for a party in order to vote in a New York primary election. You can register for a party when you register to vote in New York, or whenever you change your voter registration information. The four recognized parties in New York are the Democratic, Republican, Conservative and Working Families parties. For this year, the deadline to register for a party or change parties is August 11, but you can still vote in the general election on November 8th if you are not registered for a party. The deadline to register to vote in the general election is October 14th, and you can find information on how to register to vote here. The list of candidates running in these primary elections can be found here.


If the primaries feel later this year, that’s because they are! New York State Senate and Congressional primaries are later than usual because of statewide redistricting that happened this year. You can find out more about the reason for the late primary dates here. To find out if you have been redistricted this year, you can use this website to look at the State Senate and Congressional district maps before and after redistricting, or search by your address to find your current district.


Vote early for this primary election between August 13th-August 21st! If you vote early you can skip long lines on election day, and can get voting out of the way! Detailed information on how to vote early is listed here, on the website Vote Early NY. 


Absentee ballots are another option for people who will be out of their county on election day, or who are worried about the transmission of infectious diseases such as Covid-19. For those who are planning to vote via absentee ballot, the deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail has passed, but you can still request an absentee ballot in person at your local Board of Elections until August 22nd. In order for ballots to be valid they need to be dropped off at your local Board of Elections or your polling site by August 23rd at latest, or postmarked by August 23rd and received by August 30th if mailed in. If you plan on requesting an absentee ballot, please note that voters who have requested an absentee ballot will no longer be able to vote with a polling machine on Election Day, but they will still be able to vote in person using an Affidavit ballot at their polling place. More information on how to vote via absentee ballot is available here, on the New York Board of Elections website.


If you plan to vote in person on election day, check to see if your polling place has changed using this website, and set a reminder for yourself to vote on the 23rd!


Use this link to find a list of candidates endorsed by the New York League of Conservation Voters, and happy voting!

Green Your Instagram!

Social media is a great way to express your creativity, and get inspired by others. By following sustainability focused pages on social media you can gain motivation to make sustainable lifestyle changes, and build community around sustainability. Eco-friendly social media pages come in all different shapes and sizes, making it easy to find something that you will be interested in. Here are a few of our favorite Instagram pages!


  • @Zerowastechef – Anne-Marie Bonneau is the author of The Zero Waste Chef: Plant-Forward Recipes and Tips for a Sustainable Kitchen and Planet. On her Instagram page she shares her tips on topics like sustainable recipes, composting, fermentation for beginners and sustainable food shopping.
  • @Queerbrownvegan – Isaias Hernandez uses their Instagram page to talk about the social impacts related to the sustainability movement. Their page includes helpful videos about environmental issues such as climate justice and the relationship between climate change and diseases.
  • @Easyecotips – This page shares a mix of infographics with sustainable tips, such as flowers to plant to support bees, or apps that can help you with sustainability, as well as news on the environment.
  • @Aditimayer – Aditi Mayer is a fashion influencer and labor rights activist who advocates for sustainable and ethical fashion practices. Her Instagram page showcases new and interesting sustainable fashion brands and provides information on how to consume fashion responsibly.
  • @Remakeourworld – Remake Our World is a sustainable fashion page that advocates for lifestyle changes around fashion, including breaking cycles of consumerism and embracing handmade and thrifted fashion. The page explains environmental and ethical  issues with fast fashion and gives ideas for how to shop more sustainably.
  • @Melissa.hemsley – Melissa Hemsley is the author of four cookbooks including 2020’s Eat Green. On her instagram page melissa.hemsley the author shares recipes, tutorials and tips on how to make delicious sustainable food.
  • @Intersectionalenvironmentalist – Intersectional Environmentalist is a non-profit founded by Leah Thomas, the author of the 2022 book The Intersectional Environmentalist: How to Dismantle Systems of Oppression to Protect People + Planet. The organization’s Instagram page speaks about the disproportionate effects of environmental issues on marginalized communities, as well as sharing environmental news and tips.
  • @Waterthruskin – Valerie Hinojosa is a sustainability influencer who shares sustainable home and lifestyle tips in English and Spanish on her Instagram page. Check out her page for ideas on sustainable beauty, home decor and cooking.
  • @NYLCV – Finally, NYLCV! Follow us on Instagram to keep up with all of our work and actions you can take to support us! 


We hope that these social media pages will get you excited about living more sustainably!

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