Clean Buses for Healthy Niños

April 11, 2018

Join the growing movement for electric school buses today! Sign our petition here or below. 

We will deliver the petition signatures to Governor Cuomo’s Midtown Manhattan office on June 27th. Join us by registering here.

Volkswagen cheated federal emissions tests and polluted our air. They have agreed to pay over $14.7 billion to settle civil and criminal suits over its diesel emissions scandal. As part of our Clean Buses for Healthy Niños (CBHN) Campaign, we’re asking Governor Andrew Cuomo and our decision makers at the Department of Environment Conservation to put our children’s health and safety first and use the state’s $127 million Volkswagen settlement to fund electric school buses in environmental justice communities.


Here in New York, more than 2 million children ride to school on a diesel school bus each day. Diesel exhaust puts our children’s health at risk by emitting dangerous pollutants that can harm their delicate and developing lungs and lead to respiratory illnesses, such as asthma. An estimated 420,267 children suffer from asthma across the state, with more than 180,000 of them living in New York City. Poor air quality impacts low-income communities and communities of color at drastically higher rates. In some environmental justice communities, 1 in 4 children suffer from asthma, compared to 1 in 10 statewide. Driving zero-emissions electric school buses instead of diesel school buses will clean the air in our communities, bolster the fight against climate change, and protect the lungs of the millions of kids who ride buses every day. This is why NYLCVEF is engaging affected communities across the state to build local coalitions for statewide action. 

Sign our petition here

We’re thrilled to be joining with local, state, and national partners to bring the CBHN Campaign to New York. The CBHN Campaign is an initiative of Chispa, which is a program of the national League of Conservation Voters dedicated to developing strong environmental advocates in Latino communities. For more info on the VW Settlement and our campaign, check out our Fact Sheet (coming soon)! 

Thank you to our valued partners.


Special thanks to the New York Community Trust for its generous support of this program.

Do you or your organization want to join our coalition? Contact us today: Angela Hotaling at or Adriana Espinoza at 

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