2017 Candidate Information

Voter Info | October 30, 2017

The 2017 general election will take place on Tuesday, November 7th.

The importance of voting goes beyond an obligation to do our civic duty: elections have real consequences. The representatives we choose make decisions on our behalf that have a tangible effect on issues like the environment and our everyday lives.

NYLCVEF has compiled a partial list of candidates in our four chapter areas: New York City, Long Island, Westchester, and the Capital Region. For a comprehensive resource, including personalized ballot with all of the races in your district, use the League of Women Voters Education Fund’s Vote411 database.

Not sure what district you’re in? Enter your information here to find out! If you’re in NYC, you can use Who’s on the Ballot to learn about candidates and find out when and where to vote.

Not sure where to vote? Click here to look up your registration and find your polling place.

* indicates that candidate is the incumbent

Statewide Ballot Measures

Proposal 1 would call for a constitutional convention to explore proposals for changes to the state constitution.

Proposal 2 would allow judges to reduce or revoke the state pension of a public officer convicted of a felony related to his or her duties. 

Proposal 3 would create a 250-acre land bank, which would allow local governments to request forest preserve land for projects in exchange for the state acquiring 250 acres for the Adirondack and Catskill Forest Preserves. 

New York City

New York City Mayor:
Sal Albanese (Reform)
Akeem Browder (Green)
Aaron Commey (Libertarian)
Bo Dietl (Dump the Mayor)
Bill de Blasio (Democrat, Working Families) *
Nicole Malliotakis (Republican, Conservative, Stop de Blasio)
Mike Tolkin (Smart Cities)

Michel J. Faulkner (Republican, Conservative, Reform, Stop de Blasio)
Alex Merced
Scott Stringer (Democrat, Working Families) *
Julia Willebrand

Public Advocate:
Devin Balkind (Libertarian)
Letitia James
(Democrat, Working Families) *
James Lane (Green)
Michael O’Reilly
Juan Carlos “J.C.” Polanco (Republican, Reform, Stop de Blasio)

Borough President:

Brooklyn Borough President:
Eric Adams
(Democrat, Working Families) *
Vito Bruno (Republican, Conservative)
Benjamin Kissel

Bronx Borough President:
Ruben Diaz, Jr.
 (Democrat, Working Families) *
Steven DeMartis (Republican)
Camella Price
Antonio Vitiello (Conservative)

Manhattan Borough President:
Gale Brewer
(Democrat, Working Families)
Frank Scala
Daniel Vila Rivera (Green)
Brian Waddell (Reform & Libertarian 

Staten Island Borough President:
Henry Bardel (Green)
James Oddo
(Republican, Conservative, Reform, Independence) *
Tom Shcherbenko
(Democrat & Working Families)

Queens Borough President:
Everly Brown (Homeowners NYCHA)
Melinda Katz
(Democrat, Working Families) *
William Kregler (Republican & Conservative)

New York City Council:
District 1:
Margarent Chin
(D) *
Aaron Foldenauer
Bryan Jung (R)
Christopher Marte

District 2:
Manny Cavaco (Green)
Don Garrity (Libertarian)
Jimmy McMillan (R)  
Carlina Rivera
(D, Working Families) 
Jasmin Sanchez

District 3:
Marni Halasa (Eco Justice)
Corey D. Johnson
(D, Working Families)

District 4:
Rebecca Harary (R, Women’s Equality, Stop de Blasio, Reform)
Rachel Honig
Keith Powers

District 5:
Ben Kallos (D) *
Frank Spotorno (R)

District 6:
Hyman Drusin (R)
Helen Rosenthal (D, Working Families) *
William Raudenbush (I)

District 7:
Mark D. Levine (D) *
Florindo J. Troncelliti (Green)

District 8:
Diana Ayla (D, Working Families)
Daby Carreras (R, Reform, Stop de Blasio, No Rezoning 4 Ever)
Linda Ortiz (Conservative)

District 9:
Pierre Gooding (Reform)
Tyson-Lord Gray (Liberal)
Dianne Mack (Harlem Matters)
Bill Perkins (D, Working Families) *
Jack Royster Jr. (R)

District 10:
Ronny Goodman (R)
Ydanis Rodriguez (D, Working Families)

District 11:
Andrew Cohen (D, Working Families) *
Roxanne F. Delgado (Animal Rights)
Judah David Powers (R, Conservative)

District 12:
Adrienne Erwin (Conservative)
Andy King (D) *

District 13:
John Cerini (R, Conservative, Reform)
John Doyle (Liberal)
Mark Gjonaj (D)
Alex A. Gomez (New Bronx)
Marjorie Velazquez (Working Families)

District 14:
Randy Abreu (Working Families)
Fernando Cabrera (D)
Alan Reed (R, Conservative)
Justin Sanchez (Liberal)

District 15:
Jayson Cancel (R, Conservative)
Ritchie Torres (D, Working Families) *

District 16:
Benjamin Eggleston (R, Conservative)
Vanessa L. Gibson (D, Working Families) *

District 17:
Patrick Delices (R)
Oswald Denis (Conservative)
Rafawl Salamanca Jr. (D)*
Elvis Santana (Empower Society)

District 18:
Michael Beltzer (Liberal)
Ruben Diaz, Sr. (D)
Carl Lundgren (Green)
William Russell Moore (Reform)
Eduardo Ramirez (Conservative)

District 19:
Konstantinos Poulidis (R)
Paul Vallone (D) *

District 20:
Peter Koo (D) *

District 21:
Francisco Moya (D, Working Families)

District 22:
Costa G. Constantinides (D, Working Families) *
Kathleen K. Springer (Drive In)

District 23:
Joseph R. Concannon (R, Conservative, Stop de Blasio)
Barry Grodenchik (D) *
John Y. Lim (John Y. Lim)

District 24:
Rory Lancman (D) *
Mohammad Rahman (Reform)

District 25:
Daniel Dromm (D, Working Families) *

District 26:
Marvin R. Jeffcoat (R, Conservative)
James G. Van Bramer (D, Working Families) *

District 27:
Frank Francois (Green)
Rupert Green (R)
Daneek Miller (D) *

District 28:
Adrienne E. Adams (D)
Ivan Mossop (R)
Hettie Powell (Working Families)

District 29:
Karen Koslowitz (D) *

District 30:
Elizabeth Crowley (D, Working Families, Women’s Eauality)*
Robert Holden (R, Conservative, Reform, Dump de Blasio)

District 31:
Donovan J. Richards (D, Working Families) *

District 32:
Michael Scala (D)
Eric Ulrich (R, Conservative, Independence, Reform) *

District 33:
Victoria Cambranes (Progress for All)
Stephen T. Levin (D) *

District 34:
Antonio Reynoso (D, Working Families) *

District 35:
Jabari Brisport (Green, Socialist)
Laurie Cumbo (D) *
Christine Parker (R)

District 36:
Robert E. Cornegy Jr. (D) *

District 37:
Rafael L. Espinal Jr. (D) *
Persephone Sarah Jane Smith (Green)

District 38:
Carmen Hulbert (Green)
Carlos Menchaca (D, Working Families) *
Allan Romaguera (Conservative)
Delvis Valdes (Reform)

District 39:
Bradford S. Lander (D, Working Families) *

District 40:
Brian Christopher Cunningham (Reform)
Mathieu Eugene (D)*
Brian Kelly (Conservative)

District 41:
Alicka Ampry- Samuel (D, Working Families)
Christopher Carew (Solutions)
Berneada Jackson (R, Conservative)

District 42:
Inez D. Barron (D)*
Mawuli K. Hormeku (Reform)
Ernest Johnson (Conservative)

District 43:
Justin Brannan (D, Working Families)
Robert Capano (Reform)
Angel Medina (Women’s Equality)
John Quaglone (R, Conservative, Independence)

District 44:
Yoni Hikind (Our Neighborhood)
Harold Tischler (School Choice)
Kalman Yeger (D, Conservative)

District 45:
Anthony Beckford (True Freedom)
Jumaane D. Williams (D)*

District 46:
Alan N. Maisel (D)*
Jeffrey J. Ferretti (Conservative)

District 47:
Raimondo Denaro (R, Conservative)
Mark Treyger (D, Working Families) *

District 48:
Chaim Deutsch (D) *
Steven Saperstein (R, Conservative, Reform)

District 49:
Kamillah Payne-Hanks (Reform)
Michael James Penrose (R, Conservative)
Deborah Rose (D, Working Families) *

District 50:
Richard A. Florentino (D)
Steven Matteo (Republican, Conservative, Independence, Reform) *

District 51:
Joseph C. Borelli (Republican, Conservative, Independence, Reform) *
Dylan M. Schwartz (D, Working Families)

Long Island

Suffolk County Legislature
District 1:
Remy Bell (R)
Albert J Krupski Jr, (D, Conservative, Independence)*

District 2:
Heather C. Collins (R, Conservative)
Bridget M Fleming (D, Working Families, Independence, Women’s Equality)*

District 3:
Josh Slaughter (D, Working Families, Women’s Equality)*
Rudolph A Sunderman (R, Conservative, Independence, Reform)

District 4:
Thomas Muratore (R, Conservative, Independence)*
Dom Pascual (D, Working Families, Women’s Equality

District 5:
Edward A. Flood (R, Conservative)
Kara Hahn (D, Working Families, Independence, Women’s Equality)*

District 6:
Sarah S. Anker (D, Working Families, Independence, Women’s Equality)*
Gary D. Pollakusky (R, Conservative, Reform)

District 7:
Robert T. Calarco (D, Working Families, Independence)*
Christine T. Rignola (R, Conservative, Women’s Equality)

District 8:
William J. Lindsay III (D, Working Families, Independence, Women’s Equality)*
Anthony A. Piccirillo (Republican, Conservative, Reform)

District 9:
Douglas E. King (Republican, Conservative)
Monica R. Martinez (Democrat, Independence, Women’s Equality)*

District 10:
Thomas Cilmi (R, Conservative, Independence, Reform) *
Joseph S. Tronolone (D, Independence, Women’s Equality)

District 11:
Steven J Flotteron (R, Conservative, Independence)
Joseph E. McDermott (D, Working Families)*

District 12:
Kevin L Hyms (D, Working Families)
Leslie A. Kennedy (R, Conservative, Independence, Reform)*

District 13:
Coleen T. Maher (D)
Robert Trotta (R, Conservative, Independence, Reform)*

District 14:
Kevin J McCaffrey (R, Conservative, Independence, Reform)*
Claire A. McKeon (D)

District 15:
DuWayne Gregory (D, Working Families, Independence, Women’s Equality)*
Christopher M. Madden (R, Reform)

District 16:
Susan A. Berland (D, Working Families, Independence, Women’s Equality)
Hector P. Gavilla (R, Conservative)

District 17:
Thomas P. Donnelly (D, Conservative, Working Families, Independence)
Robert E Schuon Jr. (Reform)
Michael J. Troetti (R)

District 18:
Richard J. Florio (Green)
Dom Spada (R, Conservative, Independence, Reform)
William R. Spencer (D, Working Families, Women’s Equality)*

Nassau County Executive
Laura Curran (D)
Jack Martins (R)

Nassau County Comptroller
Laurence S. Hirsh (Green)
Steven L. Labriola (R)
Jack E. Schnirman (D)

Nassau County Legislature
District 1:
Kevan Abrahams (D)*
Charlene J. Thompson (R)

District 2:
James Lamarre (R)
Siela Bynoe (D)*

District 3:
Paul A. Sapienza (R)
Carrie Solages (D)*

District 4:
Denise A. Ford (R)*
Jane Smith Fisher (D)

Disctrict 5:
Debra Mulé (D)
Kathleen A. Spatz (R)

District 6:
Dino Amoroso (D)
William Gaylor (R)

District 7:
Karen Blitz (D)
Howard J. Kopel (R)

District 8:
Carl Gerrato (D)
Vincent T. Muscarella (R)*

District 9:
Mal Nathan (D)
Richard J. Nicolello (R)*

District 10:
David A Adhami (R)
Ellen Birnbaum (D)*

District 11:
Zefy Christopoulos (R)
Delia Deriggi-Whitton (D)*

District 12:
James D. Kennedy (R)*
Alex Melton (D)

District 13:
Eileen Napolitano (D)*
Thomas Meckevitt (R)

District 14:
Robert Pena (D)
Laura M. Schaefer (R)*

District 15:
John R. Ferretti II (R)
Michael Sheridan (D)

District 16:
Angel Cepeda (R)
Arnold Drucker (D)*
Lewis J. Yevoli (D)

District 17:
Rae Arora (D)
Rose Marie Walker (R)*

District 18:
Josh Lafazan (D)
Donald N. MacKenzie (R)*

District 19:
Jeff Gold (D)
Steven D. Rhoads (R)*

Westchester County

Westchester County Executive:
Rob Astornio (R, Conservative) *
George Latimer (D, Reform, Independence, Working Familes, Women’s Equality)

Westchester County Legislature
District 1:
John Testa (R, Conservative, Independence, Reform)*
Nancy Vann (D, Working Familes, Women’s Equality)

District 2:
Francis Corcoran (R, Conservative, Independence, Reform)*
Kitley Covill (D, Working Familes, Women’s Equality)

District 3:
Margaret Cunzio (R, Conservative, Independence, Reform)*
Daren Tolz (D, Working Familes, Women’s Equality

District 4:
Mike Kaplowitz (D)*

District 5:
Ben Boykin (D, Working Families, Independence)*

District 6:
Nancy Barr (D, Working Families, Independence, Women’s Equality)
David Gelfarb (R, Conservative, Reform)*

District 7:
Catherine Parker (D, Working Families, Women’s Equality)*
Norman Rosenblum (R, Conservative, Reform)

District 8:
Alfreda Williams, (D, Working Families)*

District 9:
Catherine Borgia (D, Working Families, Women’s Equality)*
Robert Outhouse (R, Conservative, Independence, Reform)

District 10:
Damon Maher (D, Working Families, Women’s Equality)
Sheila Marcotte (R, Conservative, Independence, Reform)*

District 11:
Jim Maisano (R, Conservative, Independence, Reform)*

District 12:
MaryJane Shimsky (D, Working Families)*

District 13:
Lyndon Williams (D, Independence)*

District 14:
Dean Gwen (D)
David Tubiolo (R, Conservative, Independence, Reform)*

District 15:
Gordon Burrows (R, Conservative, Independence, Reform)*
Ruth Walter (D, Working Families, Women’s Equality)

District 16:
Nicole Benjamin (Independence)
Chris Johnson (D, Working Families)

District 17:
Virginia Perez (D)*
London Reyes (Working Families, Independence)

Capital Region

Albany Mayor:
Kathy Sheehan (D)*
Frank Commisso Jr. (R)

Albany Common Council
Corey Ellis (D, WFP)
Mark A Robinson (C)

1st Ward
Dorcey Applyrs (D)*
John Williamson (I)

2nd Ward
Derek A Johnson (D)
Mark D Johnson (WFP)

3rd Ward
Ron Bailey (WFP, I)*
Joyce Love (D)

4th Ward
Kelly Kimbrough (D, WFP)

5th Ward
Jahmel Robinson (D)

6th Ward
James Alder (I)
Richard Conti (D, WFP)*

7th Ward
Sergio Adams (WFP, I)
Cathy Fahey (D)*

8th Ward
John J Flynn (D)
Gerard McNamara (C)

9th Ward
Judy L Doesschate (D, I, WFP)
John J Mahoney (C)
Alexander R Thoma

10th Ward
Owusu Anane (D, I, WFP)

11th Ward
Alfredo Balarin (D)
Judd Krasher (I)*

12th Ward
Michael O’Brien (D)

13th Ward
Ginnie Farrell (D)
Joanne Genovese (I)
Timothy Looker (R, C)

14th Ward
Joseph M Igoe (D)

15th Ward
Thomas Hoey (D, I, WFP)

Albany County Legislature
District 38
Victoria Plotsky (D, I, WFP)
Timothy Stanton (R, C)

Rensselaer County

Rensselaer County Executive
Wayne Foy (G)
Steven McLaughlin (R,C,I,F)
Andrea Smyth (D,W,E)

Rensselaer County Legislature
District 1: (Choose 6)
Kimberly Ashe-McPherson (R,C,F,G)
Dean Bodnar (R,C,I,F,G)
Bobby M. Bums (D,W,E)
Darcie Cunningham-Casey (R,C,I,F,G)
Cynthia B Doran (D,G,W,E)*
Mark J. Fleming (D,W,E)*
Peter D. Grimm (D,W,E)*
Laurie Kennedy (R,C,I,F,G)
Edward F. Manny (D,W,E)*
Erin Sullivan-Teta (D,W,I,E)
Harry Tutunjian (R,C,I,F)
Beth Wright-Clemente (R,C,I,F,G)

District 2: (Choose 4)
Robert Bayly (R,C,I,F)*
Todd D’Alleva (D,G,W,E)
Leon Fiacco (R,C,I,W)*
Thomas Grant (R,C,I,F,G)
John Herbert (D,G,E)
Kelly Hoffman (R,C,I,F)*
Susan Mullen Kalafut (D,G,W,E,F)
Kathryn Shaffer (D,G,W,E)

District 3: (Choose 3)
Daniel Casale (R,C,I,F)
Kenneth Herrington (R,C,I,F)*
Jackie McDonough (D,C,W,E)
Todd Tesman (R,I,F)*

District 4: (Choose 3)
Jacob Ashby (R,C,I)
Scott Bendett (R,C,I)
Robert Loveridge (R,C,I)
Tracey Rex (D,W,E,F)
Frank Razzano (D,W,E,F)

District 5: (Choose 2)
Michael Hickey (D,E)
Bruce Patire (R,C,I,W)
Dennis Smith (D,E)
Jeff Wysocki (R,C,I,W,F)*

District 6: (Choose 1)
Michael Stammel (R,C,I,W,F)*
Richard Van Vorst (D,E)

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