Green Tip: Investing in Sustainability

Letting companies borrow your money gives them buying power and liquidity. You have the ability to promote sustainable practices by giving that power and liquidity to responsible businesses. Use smarter filters The sustainability mindset is shared by enough consumers these days that many investment platforms allow ecology and green business practices to be a filter Read More »

Green Tips for Snow and Ice Removal

With the recent storm hitting so much of the state, snow and ice removal has officially become a necessary chore across New York. If you live in the city, you should know that New York City requires building and business owners to remove snow and ice on public walkways in front of their buildings. The Read More »

Green Tip: Green Your Valentine’s Day

It’s easy to let sustainability take a back seat when you’re caught up in the romantic spirit of Valentine’s Day, but nothing is less romantic than contributing to the destruction of our environment. Check out our tips for making your Valentine’s Day a green one! The Date: Take advantage of the outdoors and go for Read More »

Green Tip: Green Your Wellness Routine

So many daily practices, from brushing your teeth and washing your face to driving to the gym, can be environmentally damaging. But self-care and environmentally friendly attitudes don’t have to go against one another. There are several ways to improve your health and wellness while going green! With health and wellness issues on the rise, Read More »

Green Tip: Lowering your paper footprint

The average American uses seven trees per year in paper, wood, and other products made for trees. This amounts to 2 BILLION trees each year. Here are some ways to reduce your reliance on paper goods around your home: There are several ways to reduce the amount of tree’s your household will consume each year. Read More »