Candidate Information

The General Election is coming up on Tuesday, November 8th, and candidates for office at every level of government are on the ballot.

Not sure what district you’re in? Enter your information here to find out! If you’re in NYC, you can use Who’s on the Ballot to learn about candidates and find out when and where to vote.

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All NY Districts:

President of the United States
Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democratic Party
Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party
Jill Stein, Green Party
Donald J Trump, Republican Party

United States Senate
Incumbent: Charles Schumer, Democratic Party
Wendy Long, Republican Party
Alex Merced, Libertarian Party
Robin Wilson, Green Party

United States House of Representatives:

Congressional District 1
Incumbent: Lee Zeldin, Republican Party
Anna Throne Holst, Democratic Party
Kenneth Schaeffer, Green Party

Congressional District 2
Incumbent: Peter King, Republican Party
DuWayne Gregory, Democratic Party

Congressional District 3
Incumbent: Jack Martins, Republican Party
Michael McDermott, Libertarian Party
Tom Suozzi, Democratic Party

Congressional District 4
Incumbent: Kathleen Rice, Democratic Party
David Gurfein, Republican Party

Congressional District 5
Incumbent: Gregory Meeks, Democratic Party
Michael O’Reilly, Republican Party
Frank Francois, Green Party

Congressional District 6
Incumbent: Grace Meng, Democratic Party
Daniel Maio, Republican Party

Congressional District 7
Incumbent: Nydia Velazquez, Democratic Party
Allan Romaguera, Republican Party

Congressional District 8
Incumbent: Hakeem Jeffries, Democratic Party
Daniel Cavanagh, Republican Party

Congressional District 9
Incumbent: Yvette Clarke, Democratic Party
Allan Bellone, Republican Party

Congressional District 10
Incumbent: Jerrold Nadler, Democratic Party
Phillip Rosenthal, Republican Party

Congressional District 11
Incumbent: Daniel Donovan, Republican Party
Richard Reichard, Democratic Party
Henry Bardel, Green Party

Congressional District 12
Incumbent: Carolyn Maloney, Democratic Party
Robert Ardini, Republican Party

Congressional District 13
Adriano Espaillat, Democratic Party
Tony Evans, Republican Party
Daniel Vila Rivera, Green Party

Congressional District 14
Incumbent: Joseph Crowley, Democratic Party
Frank Sportorno, Republican Party

Congressional District 15
Incumbent: Jose Serrano, Democratic Party
Eduardo Ramirez, Conservative Party
Alejandro Vega, Republican Party

Congressional District 16
Incumbent: Eliot Engel, Democratic Party
Derickson Lawrence, People’s Choice Congress Party

Congressional District 17
Incumbent: Nita Lowey, Democratic Party

Congressional District 18
Incumbent: Sean Maloney, Democratic Party
Phil Oliva, Republican Party

Congressional District 19
John Faso, Republican Party
Zephyr Teachout, Democratic Party

Congressional District 20
Incumbent: Paul Tonko, Democratic Party
Francis Vitollo, Republican Party

Congressional District 21
Incumbent: Elise Stefanik, Republican
Mike Derrick, Democratic Party
Matt Funicello, Green Party

Congressional District 22
Martin Babinec, Upstate Jobs Party
Kim Myers, Democratic Party
Claudia Tenney, Republican

Congressional District 23
Incumbent: Tom Reed, Republican
John Plumb, Democratic Party

Congressional District 24
Incumbent: John Katko, Republican
Colleen Deacon, Democratic Party
Mimi Satter, Working Families Party

Congressional District 25
Incumbent: Louise Slaughter, Democratic Party
Mark Assini, Republican Party
Tony D’Orazio, Libertarian Party
Brandon Kirschner, Republican Party

Congressional District 26
Incumbent: Brian Higgins, Democratic Party
Shelly Schratz, Republican Party

Congressional District 27
Incumbent: Chris Collins, Republican Party
Diana Kastenbaum, Democratic Party

New York State Senate

Senate District 1
Incumbent: Kenneth LaValle, Republican Party
Greg Fischer, Democratic Party

Senate District 2
Incumbent: John J. Flanagan, Republican Party
Peter N. Magistrate, Democratic Party
Stephen Ruth, Libertarian Party

Senate District 3
Incumbent: Thomas Croci, Republican Party
John De Vito, Jr., Democratic Party
Joseph L. Fritz, Women’s Equality Party

Senate District 4
Incumbent: Philip Boyle, Republican Party
John Alberts, Democratic Party

Senate District 5
Incumbent: Carl L. Marcellino, Republican Party
James Gaughran, Democratic Party

Senate District 6
Incumbent: Kemp Hannon, Republican Party
Ryan E. Cronin, Democratic Party

Senate District 7
Adam Haber, Democratic Party
Elaine Phillips, Republican Party

Senate District 8
Incumbent: Michael Venditto, Republican Party
John E. Brooks, Democratic Party

Senate District 9
Incumbent: Todd Kaminsky, Democratic Party
Laurence Hirsch, Green Party
Christopher McGrath, Republican Party

Senate District 10
Incumbent: James Sanders, Jr., Democratic Party
Adrienne Adams, Women’s Equality Party

Senate District 11
Incumbent: Tony Avella, Democratic Party
Mark Cipolla, Republican Party

Senate District 12
Incumbent: Michael Gianaris, Democrat
Marvin Jeffocat, Republican Party

Senate District 13
Incumbent: Jose Peralta, Democratic Party
Jesus Gonzalez, Republican Party

Senate District 14
Incumbent: Leroy Comrie, Democratic Party
Jarret N. Freeman, Republican Party

Senate District 15
Incumbent: Joseph Addabbo, Jr, Democratic Party
Michael Conigliaro, Republican Party

Senate District 16
Incumbent: Toby Ann Stavisky, Democratic Party
Carlos G. Giron, Republican Party

Senate District 17
Incumbent: Simcha Felder, Democratic/Republican Party

Senate District 18
Incumbent: Martin Dilan, Democratic Party

Senate District 19
Incumbent: Roxanne Persaud, Democratic Party

Senate District 20
Incumbent: Jesse Hamilton, Democratic Party
Menachem Raitport, Republican Party

Senate District 21
Incumbent: Kevin Parker, Democratic Party
Brian Kelly, Conservative Party

Senate District 22
Incumbent: Martin Golden, Republican Party

Senate District 23
Incumbent: Diane Savino, Democratic Party

Senate District 24
Incumbent: Andrew Lanza, Republican Party

Senate District 25
Incumbent: Velmanette Montgomery, Democratic Party
Michael Cox, Independent Party
Mamie Rose, Republican Party

Senate District 26
Incumbent: Daniel Squadron, Democratic Party

Senate District 27
Incumbent: Brad Hoylman, Democratic Party
Stephen Roberts, Independent

Senate District 28
Incumbent: Liz Krueger, Democratic Party
Mike Zumbluskas, Independent

Senate District 29
Incumbent: Jose Serrano, Democratic Party
Jose Colon, Republican Party
Linda Ortiz, Conservative Party

Senate District 30
Incumbent: Bill Perkins, Democratic Party
Jon Girodes, Republican Party

Senate District 31
Marisol Alcantara, Democratic Party
Melinda Crump, Republican Party
John Toro, Conservative Party
Julia Willebrand, Green Party

Senate District 32
Incumbent: Ruben Diaz, Democratic Party
Oswald Denis, Conservative Party

Senate District 33
Incumbent: J. Gustavo Rivera, Democratic Party
Steven Stern, Republican Party

Senate District 34
Incumbent: Jeffrey Klein, Democratic Party
Carl Lundgren, Green Party
Alex Mici, Conservative Party

Senate District 35
Incumbent: Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Democratic Party

Senate District 36
Jamaal Bailey, Democratic Party
Robert Diamond, Conservative Party

Senate District 37
Incumbent: George Latimer, Democratic Party
Julie Killian, Republican Party

Senate District 38
Incumbent: David Carlucci, Demoractic Party
Thomas DePrisco, Republican Party

Senate District 39
Incumbent: William (Bill) Larkin, Republican Party
Christopher Eachus, Democratic Party

Senate District 40
Incumbent: Terrence P. Murphy, Republican Party
Alison Boak, Democratic Party

Senate District 41
Incumbent: Susan Serino, Republican Party
Terry Gipson, Democratic Party

Senate District 42
Incumbent: John Bonacic, Republican Party
Pramilla Malick, Democratic Party

Senate District 43
Incumbent: Kathleen Marchione, Republican Party
Shaun P. Francis, Democratic Party
Joseph Levy, Green Party

Senate District 44
Incumbent: Neil Breslin, Democrat
Deyva Arthur, Green Party
Christopher Davis, Republican Party

Senate District 45
Incumbent: Betty Little, Republican Party
Stephen M. Ruzbacki, Green Party

Senate District 46
Incumbent: George Amedore, Republican Party
Sara Niccoli, Democratic Party

Senate District 47
Incumbent: Joseph Griffo, Republican Party

Senate District 48
Incumbent: Patricia Ritchie, Republican Party

Senate District 49
Chad Putman, Democratic Party
James Tedisco, Republican Party

Senate District 50
Incumbent: John DeFransico, Republican Party

Senate District 51
Incumbent: James Seward, Republican Party
Jermaine Bagnall-Graham, Democratic Party

Senate District 52
Incumbent: Fredrick Ashkar, Republican Party
Sharon Y Ball, Democratic Party

Senate District 53
Incumbent: David Valesky, Democratic Party

Senate District 54
Kenan Baldridge, Democratic Party
Pamela Helming, Republican Party
Floyd Raybrun, Reform Party

Senate District 55
Incumbent: Rich Funke, Republican Party

Senate District 56
Incumbent: Joseph Robach, Republican Party
Ann C. Lewis, Democratic Party

Senate District 57
Incumbent: Catharine Young, Republican Party
Lee Hyson, Democratic Party

Senate District 58
Incumbent: Thomas O’Mara, Republican Party
Leslie Danks Burke, Democratic Party

Senate District 59
Incumbent: Patrick Gallivan, Republican Party
Tom Casey, Democratic Party

Senate District 60
James DePasquale, Green Party
Christopher Jacobs, Republican Party
Amber Small, Democratic Party

Senate District 61
Incumbent: Michael Ranzenhofer, Republican Party
Ruben Cartagena, Jr., Green Party
Thomas Loughran, Democratic Party

Senate District 62
Incumbent: Robert Ortt, Republican Party

Senate District 63
Incumbent: Timothy Kennedy, Democratic Party

New York State Assembly

Assembly District 1
Incumbent: Fred Thiele, Democratic Party
Heather Collins, Republican Party

Assembly District 2
Incumbent: Anthony Palumbo, Republican Party
Michael Conroy, Democratic Party
Jack McCarthy, Libertarian Party

Assembly District 3
Incumbent:Dean Murray, Republican Party
Gregory Schoen, Democratic Party

Assembly District 4
Incumbent: Steven Englebright, Democratic Party
Steven Weissbard, Republican Party

Assembly District 5
Incumbent: Alfred Graf, Republican Party
Deborah Slinkosky, Democratic Party
James Smith, Libertarian Party

Assembly District 6
Incumbent: Phil Ramos, Democratic Party

Assembly District 7
Incumbent: Andrew Garbarino, Republican Party
Nicholas R. Gambini, Democratic Party

Assembly District 8
Incumbent: Michael J. Fitzpatrick, Republican Party
Richard Macellaro, Democratic Party

Assembly District 9
Incumbent: Joseph Saladino, Republican Party
Brendan J Cunningham, Democratic Party

Assembly District 10
Incumbent: Chad Lupinacci, Republican Party
Edwin Perez, Democratic Party

Assembly District 11
Incumbent: Kimberly Jean-Pierre, Democratic Party
Shawn Cullinane, Republican Party

Assembly District 12
Incumbent: Andrew Raia, Republican Party
Spencer B. Rumsey, Democratic Party

Assembly District 13
Incumbent: Charles Lavine, Democratic Party
Jeffrey Peress, Green Party
Jeffrey Vitale, Republican Party

Assembly District 14
Incumbent: David McDonough, Republican Party
Michael Reid, Democratic Party

Assembly District 15
Incumbent: Michael Montesano, Republican Party
Dean Hart, Democratic Party

Assembly District 16
Anthony D’Urso, Democratic Party
Matthew Varvaro, Republican Party

Assembly District 17
Incumbent: Thomas McKevitt, Republican Party
Matthew Malin, Democratic Party

Assembly District 18
Incumbent: Earlene Hooper, Democratic Party
Cornelius Smith, Republican Party

Assembly District 19
Incumbent: Edward Ra, Republican Party
Gary Port, Democratic Party

Assembly District 20
Anthony Eramo, Democratic Party
Melissa Miler, Republican Party
Joseph Naham, Green Party

Assembly District 21
Incumbent: Brian Curran, Republican Party
Travis Buorgeois, Democratic Party

Assembly District 22
Incumbent: Michaelle Solages, Democratic Party
Robert Bogle, Republican Party

Assembly District 23
Stacey Pheffer Amato, Democratic Party
Alan Zwirn, Republican Party

Assembly District 24
Incumbent: David Weprin, Democratic Party
Ira Harris, Republican Party

Assembly District 25
Incumbent: Nily Rozic, Democratic Party
Usman Chohan, Republican Party

Assembly District 26
Incumbent: Edward Braunstein, Democratic Party

Assembly District 27
Incumbent: Michael Simanowitz, Democratic Party

Assembly District 28
Incumbent: Andrew Hevesi, Democratic Party

Assembly District 29
Incumbent: Alicia Hyndman, Democratic Party

Assembly District 30
Brian Barnwell, Democratic Party
Anthony Nunziato, Republican Party

Assembly District 31
Incumbent: Michele Titus, Democratic Party

Assembly District 32
Incumbent: Vivian Cook, Democratic Party

Assembly District 33
Leroy Gadsden, Independent
Clyde Vanel, Democratic Party
Goldy-Francois Wellington, Republican Party

Assembly District 34
Incumbent: Michael DenDekker, Democratic Party

Assembly District 35
Incumbent: Jeffrion Aubry, Democratic Party

Assembly District 36
Incumbent: Aravella Simotas, Democratic Party

Assembly District 37
Incumbent: Catherine Nolan, Democratic Party

Assembly District 38
Incumbent: Michael Miller, Democratic Party
Joseph Maldonado, Republican party

Assembly District 39
Incumbent: Francisco Moya, Democratic Party

Assembly District 40
Incumbent: Ron Kim, Democratic Party
Miriam Rodriguez, Republican Party

Assembly District 41
Incumbent: Helene Weinstein, Democratic Party
Ramona Johnson, Republican Party

Assembly District 42
Incumbent: Rodneyse Bichotte, Democratic Party
Matthew Williams, Republican Party

Assembly District 43
Incumbent: Diana Richardson, Democratic Party

Assembly District 44
Robert Carroll, Democratic Party
Glenn Nocera, Republican Party

Assembly District 45
Incumbent: Steven Cymbrowitz, Democratic Party
Boris Gintchanski, Conservative Party

Assembly District 46
Incumbent: Pamela Harris, Democratic Party
Patrick Dwyer, Green Party
Lucretia Regina-Potter, Republican Party
Mikhail Usher, Conservative Party

Assembly District 47
Incumbent: William Colton, Democratic Party
Malka Shahar, Conservative Party

Assembly District 48
Incumbent: Dov Hikind, Democratic Party

Assembly District 49
Incumbent: Peter Abbate, Jr., Democratic Party
Rosemary Mangino, Republican Party

Assembly District 50
Incumbent: Joseph Lentol, Democratic Party

Assembly District 51
Incumbent: Felix Ortiz, Democratic Party
Henry Lallave, Republican Party

Assembly District 52
Incumbent: Jo Anne Simon, Democratic Party
Daniel Ramos, Republican Party

Assembly District 53
Incumbent: Maritza Davila, Democratic Party

Assembly District 54
Incumbent: Erik Dilan, Democratic Party
Khorshed Chowdhury, Republican Party

Assembly District 55
Incumbent: Latrice Walker, Democratic Party
Berneda Jackson, Republican Party

Assembly District 56
Tremaine S. Wright, Democratic Party

Assembly District 57
Incumbent: Walter Mosley, Democratic Party

Assembly District 58
Incumbent: N. Nick Perry, Democratic Party

Assembly District 59
Incumbent: Jaime Williams, Democratic Party
Jeffrey Ferretti, Republican Party

Assembly District 60
Incumbent: Charles Barron, Democratic Party
Ernest Johnson, Conservative Party

Assembly District 61
Incumbent: Matthew Titone, Democratic Party

Assembly District 62
Incumbent: Ron Castorina, Jr., Republican Party

Assembly District 63
Incumbent: Michael Cusick, Democratic Party

Assembly District 64
Incumbent: Nicole Malliotakis, Republican Party

Assembly District 65
Incumbent: Alice Cancel, Womens’ Equality Party
Manny Cavaco, Green Party
Bryan Jung, Republican Party
Yuh-Line Niou, Democratic Party

Assembly District 66
Incumbent: Deborah Glick, Democratic Party

Assembly District 67
Incumbent: Linda Rosenthal, Democratic Party
Hyman Drusin, Republican Party

Assembly District 68
Incumbent: Robert Rodriguez, Democratic Party
Daby Carreras, Republican Party

Assembly District 69
Incumbent: Daniel O’Donnell, Democratic Party
Stephen Garrin, Republican Party

Assembly District 70
Inez Dickens, Democratic Party
Heather Tarrant, Republican Party

Assembly District 71
Incumbent: Herman Farrell, Jr., Democratic Party
Vanessa Stanbeck, Republican Party

Assembly District 72
Carmen N. De La Rosa, Democratic Party

Assembly District 73
Incumbent: Dan Quart, Democratic Party
Donal Butterfield, Green Party
Rebecca Harary, Republican Party

Assembly District 74
Incumbent: Brian Kavanagh, Democratic Party
Scott Hutchins, Green Party
Frank Scala, Republican Party

Assembly District 75
Incumbent: Richard Gottfried, Democratic Party
Joseph Maffia, Republican Party

Assembly District 76
Incumbent: Rebecca Seawright, Democratic Party
Jon Kostakopoulos, Republican Party

Assembly District 77
Incumbent: Latoya Joyner, Democratic Party
Benjamin Eggleston, Conservative Party

Assembly District 78
Incumbent: Jose Rivera, Democratic Party
Luana Malavolta, Republican Party
William Sullivan, Conservative Party

Assembly District 79
Incumbent: Michael Blake, Democratic Party
Selsia Evans, Conservative Party

Assembly District 80
Incumbent: Mark Gjonaj, Democratic Party
Robert Goodman, Conservative Party
Nicholas Marricco, Republican Party

Assembly District 81
Incumbent: Jeffrey Dinowitz, Democratic Party
Alan Reed, Conservative Party

Assembly District 82
Incumbent: Michael Benedetto, Democratic Party
William Britt, Conservative Party
Noel Lopez, Republican Party

Assembly District 83
Incumbent: Carl Heastie, Democratic Party

Assembly District 84
Incumbent: Carmen Arroyo, Democratic Party
Rosaline Nieves, Republican Party

Assembly District 85
Incumbent: Marcos Crespo, Democratic Party
Janelle King, Republican Party
Barbara Santander, Conservative Party
Daniel Zuger, Green Party

Assembly District 86
Incumbent: Victor Pichardo, Democratic Party
Jose Marte, Conservative Party

Assembly District 87
Incumbent: Luis Sepulveda, Democratic Party
Michael Dennis, Conservative Party

Assembly District 88
Incumbent: Amy Paulin, Democratic Party
Anthony Decintio, Conservative Party

Assembly District 89
Incumbent: J. Gary Pretlow, Democratic Party

Assembly District 90
Incumbent: Shelley Mayer, Democratic Party

Assembly District 91
Incumbent: Steven Otis, Democratic Party

Assembly District 92
Incumbent: Thomas Abinanti, Democratic Party

Assembly District 93
Incumbent: David Buchwald, Democratic Party

Assembly District 94
Kevin Byrne, Republican Party
Brian Higbie, Democratic Party

Assembly District 95
Incumbent: Sandy Galef, Democratic Party
Gregory Purdy, Republican Party

Assembly District 96
Incumbent: Kenneth Zebrowski, Democratic Party

Assembly District 97
Incumbent: Ellen Jaffee, Democratic Party
Joseph Chabot, Republican Party
Thomas Gulla, Green Party

Assembly District 98
Incumbent: Karl Brabenec, Republican Party
Aron Wieder, Democratic Party

Assembly District 99
Incumbent: James Skoufis, Democratic Party
Colin Schmitt, Republican Party

Assembly District 100
Incumbent: Aileen Gunther, Democratic Party

Assembly District 101
Arlene Feldmeier, Democratic Party
Maria Kelso, Conservative Party
Brian Miller, Republican Party

Assembly District 102
Incumbent: Peter Lopez, Republican Party

Assembly District 103
Incumbent: Kevin Cahill, Democratic Party
Jack Hayes, Conservative Party

Assembly District 104
Incumbent: Frank Skartados, Democratic Party
William Banuchi, Sr., Conservative Party

Assembly District 105
Incumbent: Kieran Michael Lalor, Republican Party
Joseph Torres, Democratic Party

Assembly District 106
Incumbent: Didi Barrett, Democratic Party
Terry Sullivan, Republican Party

Assembly District 107
Incumbent: Steven McLaughlin, Republican Party

Assembly District 108
Incumbent: John T. McDonald II, Democratic Party

Assembly District 109
Incumbent: Patricia Fahy, Democratic Party
Jesse Calhoun, Republican Party

Assembly District 110
Incumbent: Phil Steck, Democratic Party
Tom Murphy, Republican Party

Assembly District 111
Incumbent: Angelo Santabarbara, Democratic Party
Peter Vroman, Republican Party

Assembly District 112
Michael Godlewski, Democratic Party
Mary Beth Walsh, Republican Party

Assembly District 113
Incumbent: Carrie Woerner, Democratic Party
Christopher Boyark, Republican Party

Assembly District 114
Incumbent: Dan Stec, Republican Party
Robin Barkenhagen, Green Party

Assembly District 115
D. Billy Jones, Democratic Party
Kevin Mulverhill, Republican Party

Assembly District 116
Incumbent: Addie Russel, Democratic Party
John Byrne, Republican Party

Assembly District 117
Incumbent: Ken Blankenbush, Republican Party

Assembly District 118
Incumbent: Marc Butler, Republican Party

Assembly District 119
Incumbent: Anthony Brindisi, Democratic Party

Assembly District 120
Incumbent: William Barclay, Republican Party

Assembly District 121
Incumbent: William Magee, Democratic Party
John Salka, Republican Party

Assembly District 122
Incumbent: Clifford Crouch, Republican Party

Assembly District 123
Incumbent: Donna Lupardo, Democratic Party
Dorollo Nixon, Jr., Republican Party

Assembly District 124
Incumbent: Christopher Friend, Republican Party
Bill Batrowny, Democratic Party

Assembly District 125
Incumbent: Barbara Lifton, Democratic Party
Herbert Masser, Republican Party

Assembly District 126
Incumbent: Gary Finch, Republican Party
Diane Dwire, Democratic Party

Assembly District 127
Incumbent: Al Stirpe, Democratic Party
Michael Becallo, Conservative Party
Vincent Giordano, Republican Party

Assembly District 128
Incumbent: Pamela Hunter, Democratic Party

Assembly District 129
Incumbent: William Magnarelli, Democratic Party

Assembly District 130
Incumbent: Bob Oaks, Republican Party

Assembly District 131
Incumbent: Brian Kolb, Republican Party

Assembly District 132
Incumbent: Philip Palmesano, Republican Party

Assembly District 133
Barbara Baer, Democratic Party
Joseph Errigo, Republican Party

Assembly District 134
Incumbent: Peter Lawrence, Republican Party

Assembly District 135
Incumbent: Mark Johns, Republican Party
Dorothy Styk, Democratic Party

Assembly District 136
Incumbent: Joseph Morelle, Democratic Party

Assembly District 137
Incumbent: David Gantt, Democratic Party

Assembly District 138
Incumbent: Harry Bronson, Democratic Party
Bob Zinck, Republican Party

Assembly District 139
Incumbent: Stephen Hawley, Republican Party

Assembly District 140
Incumbent: Robin Schimminger, Democratic Party
Anthony Baney, Green Party
Danelle Rotolo, Republican Party

Assembly District 141
Incumbent: Crystal Peoples-Stokes, Democratic Party
Ross Kostecky, Republican Party

Assembly District 142
Incumbent: Michael Kearns, Democratic Party

Assembly District 143
Russel Sugg, Republican Party
Monica Wallace, Democratic Party

Assembly District 144
Michael Norris, Republican Party

Assembly District 145
Incumbent: John Ceretto, Democratic Party
Angelo Morinello, Republican Party

Assembly District 146
Incumbent: Raymond Walter, Republican Party
Steven Meyer, Democratic Party

Assembly District 147
Incumbent: David DiPietro, Republican Party

Assembly District 148
Incumbent: Joseph Giglio, Republican Party

Assembly District 149
Incumbent: Sean Ryan, Democratic Party
Arnold Kacalski, Republican Party

Assembly District 150
Incumbent: Andy Goodell, Republican Party
Jason Perdue, Democratic Party