Nonpartisan Electoral Activities

NYLCVEF’s nonpartisan electoral activities usually take place leading up to an election and seek to educate voters and candidates on the critical connection between elected office and environmental protections and by encouraging environmentalists to vote. Activities include candidate forums, “get out the vote” campaigns, and environmental candidate schools that educate prospective politicians on environmental issues and the importance of adding them to their campaign platform and legislative agenda.

2016 Forums included:

Congressional District 1 Congressional Candidate Forum:

Incumbent Congressman Lee Zeldin and challenger Anna Throne-Holst presented their ideas for preserving the environment on Long Island and working with congressional leaders to protect clean water, open space and renewable energy. Panelists also responded to questions from panelists, audience members and NYLCVEF President Marcia Bystryn about these topics and a number of other local and national environmental issues.

Assembly District 65 Democratic Primary Forum:

Incumbent Alice Cancel and candidates Don Lee, Gigi Li, Paul Newell, Yuh-Line Niou, and Jenifer Rajkumar responded to questions from the audience, as well as from a panel of environmental experts from New Yorkers for Parks, Transportation Alternatives, the Lower East Side Ecology Center and the Waterfront Alliance. Although candidates largely agreed on the environmental challenges facing their district, there was divergence on a number of proposed solutions, including the preservation of Elizabeth Street Garden and policies relating to the regulation of plastic and carryout bags, among others. NYLCVEF livestreamed the event on our Facebook page, and you can view the footage here.



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