• Green Tips for Snow and Ice Removal

    Posted by   |  February 10, 2017
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    With the recent storm hitting so much of the state, snow and ice removal has officially become a necessary chore across New York. If you live in the city, you should know that New York City requires building and business owners to remove snow and ice on public walkways in front of their buildings. The city only considers itself responsible for roads and walkways in front of public utilities, like schools or bus stops. If you’re shoveling your sidewalk or driveway, be mindful of the environmental impact you have.

    The common practice of laying down salt has some downsides:

    Salt abrasion can cause pets’ feet to crack and bleed
    Salt damages plants’ nutrient-uptake
    Some areas of New York State lose biodiversity, because highway salt kills all non salt-resistant plants in the area

    Fortunately there are some ways to reduce these damages:

    Try salt alternatives around your residence, like sand or organic, salt free de-icer products
    Remove snow and ice manually, or enlist the help of some neighbors
    If using appliances like snowblowers, choose rechargeable electric ones over gas-powered

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