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    Posted by   |  January 13, 2017
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    Looking for new ways to instill environmental practices, beliefs, and respect in your kids?  Check out the following actions to take to get your kids started as environmental champions at a young age.

    For starters, lead by example.  Make part of your daily routines, practices, and habits have a pro-environmental spin on them.  This will instill those behaviors into your children instead of having to go through the trials and errors of breaking environmentally harmful habits.

    For starters, encourage your kids to connect to the earth (literally) by teaching them to garden. Include educational components around seed cultivation and the process of plant growth through adequate sunlight, rain, and watering. Label their plants and encourage their excitement as they see their seeds sprout and grow. Look to Thompson-Morgan’s Top 10 seeds that are easy for kids to grow.

    Discourage littering by promoting a healthy and safe home, and practicing these actions in their community. When going to the playground, park, or other outdoor areas, bring rubber gloves (for safety), and encourage your kids to clean up litter such as bottles, cans, and paper waste. Take a picture of before and after to show your kids the positive impact beautifying their community has, and incorporate the environmental benefits (protecting animals and waterways, for example) as well.

    Keep egg cartons, milk cartons, cardboard boxes, and other recyclables around the house to spur your child’s imagination and allow them to create crafts. Create bird feeders, paint palettes, planters,  forts, and other projects instead of always putting everything out for collection.

    Encourage the usage of reusable bags by having them fill up a reusable bag with their favorite groceries or snacks, showing them how much more they can carry than using traditional plastic shopping bags. Explain the harm of plastic bags and that eliminating them from the waste stream is the best solution.

    When heading out to activities, school, or even friends, encourage walking, biking, rollerblading, and other related methods over vehicular transportation. Remind kids of the health benefits to daily exercise.

    For other ideas and tips, look to PBS Kid’s Meet the Greens Activity Guide, online blog, or video channel.

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