• Green Tip: Sweets to Beat the Heat

    Posted by   |  August 18, 2016
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    With the blazing temperatures this summer, it is important to remember the impact routine actions, such as cooking, will have on the energy grid.  When you use your oven, especially in the summer, you inadvertently heat your home, which can put more demand and strain on your home cooling system.  When temperatures rise, and we enter into a heat wave the stress that hits our energy grid is very high, and poses a rising threat in the risk of an electrical outage.  In order to beat the heat but also satisfy hunger cravings we recommend some easy to make no-bake treats that will satisfy your sweet-tooth a without ramping up your energy usage.

    A host of recipes, provided by Just Energy and Super Healthy Kids give several suggestions that are easy-prep and require no cooking at all!

    Double your benefits by remembering to buy locally sourced and grown ingredients!

    Five Minute Frozen Fruit Mousse: Mousse is often a fancy dessert reserved for fancy meals in fancy restaurants.  This recipe, however, is simple to make, refreshing for a hot afternoon and doesn’t come with a fancy dinner bill. A quick mix of frozen fruit, sugar and egg whites are all you need to make this delightful treat that everyone will love.

    No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake: This is a quick and easy recipe to make your own chocolate cheesecake without cranking up the oven.

    No-Bake Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie Truffles: Get creative with your Girl Scout Cookies and make some no-bake truffles!

    Cinnamon Sugar Chocolate Pretzels: This is perfect for people that love sweet & salty!  Check out this delicious five-minute confection of cinnamon, sugar, chocolate and pretzels.

    Need something that can withstand the day for camping or outdoors adventures?  Try some Mixed Berry or Carrot Cake Bites.  Also, find ways to make your own healthy, energy boosting treats that you would never guess are no-bake.  Your environment, home, and air conditioners will thank you.

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