• Green Tip: Sustainable Gardening

    Posted by   |  February 24, 2017
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    Incorporating sustainable practices in your garden helps its overall function and longevity. These are some tips to help ensure your garden is at its best:

    Appropriate Plants

    Some climates are just not suited for plants that evolved elsewhere- these plants will always live at a fraction of their potential. Exotic plants in a home garden function as invasive species, harming other life around them. For example, insects and birds don’t know how to use the plants’ products, or are even poisoned by compounds the plants produce. Having intra-regionality is the ideal context for a garden’s overall synergy.


    Water plants when the sun is low. This minimizes evaporation and maximizes the plants’ water uptake. Connecting your gutter system to containers captures rainfall for use in your garden. Lastly, don’t make a habit of watering; instead, water whenever you observe the need to.

    Soil and Materials

    You don’t have to buy fertilizers: composting dead material from your garden brings cyclicity to your plants’ life cycles. You also don’t have to use chemical pesticides. Natural predators like spiders and slugs can help manage pests’ populations.

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