• Green Tip: Lowering your paper footprint

    Posted by   |  January 20, 2017
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    The average American uses seven trees per year in paper, wood, and other products made for trees. This amounts to 2 BILLION trees each year. Here are some ways to reduce your reliance on paper goods around your home:

    There are several ways to reduce the amount of tree’s your household will consume each year.  This ranges from daily usage items, to long-term investments.

    For your daily use, switch over to cloth napkins and towels instead of always using paper napkins and paper towels. Wash and reuse these items as needed, and reduce a major source of waste in the home. Bonus: You’ll save money when you make the switch! We won’t suggest you eliminate toilet paper (though some people do), instead, purchase bleach-free, recycled products, and be mindful of how much you use.

    When writing, printing, or documenting, ensure that your paper is bleach-free, recycled, and guarantees it is post-consumer. Instead of hand-writing lists, take advantage of smartphone apps and notes sections to keep track of to-do items, grocery lists, and reminders.

    Share books, magazines, and newspaper articles with friends, or head out to your local library to reduce the amount of paper. A fun bonus of sharing with friends: you can always leave notes and comments throughout to spur conversation.

    Reuse wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue papers, cardstock, and other gift-related papers when delivering gifts or cards to friends and family. Check out our holiday green tip for alternative packaging ides.

    If you are renovating or performing construction on your home, seek out the many alternatives to new wood such as recycled wood, sustainably grown wood, and other natural, or mixed-recycled materials.

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