Green Tip: Weatherproofing for the Winter

Green Tips | November 17, 2017

Weatherproofing your home or apartment is an important and cost-effective step to ensure you comfort and safety in the winter. With temperatures quickly declining and winter around the corner, here are some helpful tips to improving the efficiency of your home this season.

No Wind Chills Inside

One of the most effective ways of sealing off your home from the wind, snow, and freezing temperatures is fixing drafty windows and doors. The most common technique for accomplishing this is to caulk around your window frame, inside and outside if possible. This creates a seal from the cold and can sometimes be reimbursed and by your landlord!  To fix drafts that come from doors, put draft guards under the door frame to seal any holes between the doorframe.

Uncover Vents

A common mistake that renters and homeowners make is covering their vents with furniture, carpets, and other objects that prevent the flow of heat. Before it gets too cold, be sure to uncover all vents in your home to ensure that heat is being equally distributed in all areas. Your sofa does not need the heat on a freezing day, you do!

Curtains and Rugs

Another simple way to trap heat inside and prevent cold from coming in is to use thicker curtains and cover your floors with rugs. Heavy curtains should cover windows  at night or on cold, cloudy days, however when the sun is out, be sure to let passive solar energy naturally heat your home! To provide warmth from below, cover hardwood or tiled floors with rugs that will keep your feet warm and further insulate your home.

Consider an Energy Audit

If your concerns about energy efficiency stretch farther than DIY weatherproofing techniques, consider getting an energy audit to see where your home efficiency can be improved. Audits are excellent long term home efficiency investments and suggest effective ways to lower your energy bills.

Follow these steps to improve the energy efficiency of your home, lower your bills, and keep cozy this upcoming winter!

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