Green Tip: Avoiding Bottled Water

With temperatures soaring high this summer, more and more Americans are purchasing bottled water to fight the heat. However, avoiding bottled water is one of the most important choices you can make to combat climate change, reduce waste, and promote public health. Every year Americans use almost 50 billion plastic water bottles, but only 23 Read More »

Green Tip: Green and Clean Clothes

Sustainability in Clothing Did you know the clothing industry is the third most pollutive in the world, after oil and agriculture? Modern clothing production is extremely carbon and water intensive: For example, one pair of jeans requires thousands of gallons of water to manufacture, and the contaminated water gets cycled back into our global system. Read More »

Water Saving Measures around the Home

Inside The NYC Department of Environmental Protection started a leak notification program in 2011 with automated meter readers. This program alerts homeowners when their water consumption rises higher than normal, and emails consumers if their consumption triples. This is a strategy to detect leaks to save water and money. Sign up here Fill your sink Read More »

Green Tip: Keep Produce Fresh for Longer

Keeping Fruits and Vegetables Fresh as Long as Possible Storing Tips: Tomatoes: Air enters tomatoes through their stems, so blocking as much contact with the stem as possible will slow their decay. Storing them upside down reduces the surface area through which air can enter the stem. Cucumbers last longer when stored at room temperature. Read More »

Green Tip: Spring Cleaning

Cleaning Supplies Most of the common drugstore cleaning products are unhealthy for humans, pets, and the environment. They can accumulate in fabric materials or the air and act as irritants to the skin and respiratory system. You can opt in for green cleaning materials, or do it yourself from this list of homemade cleaning supplies Read More »