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Green Tip: Spring Cleaning

Cleaning Supplies Most of the common drugstore cleaning products are unhealthy for humans, pets, and the environment. They can accumulate in fabric materials or the air and act as irritants to the skin and respiratory system. You can opt in for green cleaning materials, or do it yourself from this list of homemade cleaning supplies Read More »

Green Tip: Sustainable Gardening

Incorporating sustainable practices in your garden helps its overall function and longevity. These are some tips to help ensure your garden is at its best: Appropriate Plants Some climates are just not suited for plants that evolved elsewhere- these plants will always live at a fraction of their potential. Exotic plants in a home garden Read More »

Green Tip: Investing in Sustainability

Letting companies borrow your money gives them buying power and liquidity. You have the ability to promote sustainable practices by giving that power and liquidity to responsible businesses. Use smarter filters The sustainability mindset is shared by enough consumers these days that many investment platforms allow ecology and green business practices to be a filter Read More »

Green Tips for Snow and Ice Removal

With the recent storm hitting so much of the state, snow and ice removal has officially become a necessary chore across New York. If you live in the city, you should know that New York City requires building and business owners to remove snow and ice on public walkways in front of their buildings. The Read More »

Green Tip: Being Environmentally Conscious During the Holidays

With travel, gift giving, and many big meals, the winter holidays are one of the times of the year with the highest rates of personal consumption. Because of this heightened consumption rate, the holidays  are the time when being conscious of sustainable practices will have the greatest total impact. Here are some holiday practices you Read More »