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Green Tip: Choosing Eco-Friendly Sunscreen

Sunscreen and summer go together hand in hand. Sunscreen is essential for protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful, cancer causing UV rays. But did you know that some of the sunscreens you use to protect your skin may actually be doing damage to your body? As if that’s not bad enough, many popular sunscreens Read More »

Eating Green In The Workplace

The current battle over the environment has many fronts – from the halls congress and board rooms of major corporations, to your humble office cubicle. When you go to take a break from your hard work, don’t take a break on going green – with a few easy steps, you can make sure your lunch Read More »

Green Tip: Save energy in your home while you’re on vacation

It’s almost summer and we all know what that means: summer vacation! To help you save some energy and money when you leave town, we have a few items  to add to your travel checklist. Before you leave for your long weekend or vacation, it’s important that you rid your home of phantoms. Though you Read More »

Green Tip: How to Make Your Refrigerator More Efficient

For all the items around your house that may put a strain on the environment – and a dent in your wallet – there’s one appliance that always stays running – the refrigerator. Though the refrigerator remains an indispensable tool, it guzzles up energy in ways you might not realize. Fortunately, with a few tricks Read More »

How to Test Your Water

Water issues might not be making as many headlines anymore, but even if your local supply hasn’t made it to the news, you might remain at risk without knowing it. Given the number of contaminants that can make their way into shared or even private wells, you’ll need to make sure your drinking water stays Read More »